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          Private Equity
          Investing in good businesses to make them great
          Investing in economic infrastructure and greenfield projects


          Valorem is a vertically-integrated green energy operator, offering a range of renewable energy solutions.

          Case study

          1_Simon Thompson.png
          2_Julia Wilson.png
          3_Jonathan Asquith.png
          4_Caroline Banszky.png
          5_Peter Grosch.png
          6_Stephen Daintith.png
          7_David Hutchison.png
          33_Anna Dellis.png
          9_Scott Moseley.png
          43_Rowena Gracey.png
          19_Remi Carnimolla.png
          12_George Archer.png
          13_Mark Bakker.png
          14_Matt Barker.png
          15_Guillaume Basquin.png
          16_Paolo Bergamelli.png
          17_Gaurav Bhurat.png
          18_Simon Borrows.png
          20_John Cavill.png
          • Grow investment portfolio earnings
          • Realise investments with good cash-to-cash returns
          • Maintain an operating cash profit
          • Use our strong balance sheet
          • Increase shareholder distributions
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